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Our team offers an integrated experience for growing hemp. We specialize in quality genetics tailored to your specific growing requirements and goals. We offer clones and specialty hemp equipment rentals and sales. Talk with us about your hemp ambitions and let us help you with genetics, plans and consulting.

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Midland & milford, Michigan

Success begins with good Genetics!

Growing and harvesting hemp is serious work with serious investment of capital and labor. We offer superior genetics that are proven to deliver results.

Row Spacing

Growing for flower, seed or fiber? The spacing options vary for each.


Do you need irrigation? What water sources can you use to fill the need?


What pruning can be done to optimize bud growth for flower production?


What is the drying goal and space requirements?

Our Hemp Babies

Our greenhouses and farm offer us the opportunity to test and experiment. Here are some views of our favorite projects.

“The risk of going “hot” is too great to grow hemp.”

The USDA and MDARD rules define industrial hemp as Cannabis Sativa with .3% or less THC. Selecting the right genetics to start eliminates this concern.

“Way too much labor to harvest and dry hemp.”

While it can be very labor intensive, there are specialized equipment and services to help through harvest. A proper plan is needed and then it is well worth the effort.

“Farmers are getting stuck with their hemp crop.”

The homework you do up front makes all the difference. Many farmers “stuck” with crop are sitting on very low CBD levels, mold or cash flow issues. We can help you through the seed to sale process.

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Milford & Midland, Michigan

Let’s Build Your Dream Hemp Farm

Starting out small, or ready to scale up, we have a solution for you. Contact our team to learn how we can help you create a path to success for your hemp venture!